Welcome to Delio's Italian Restaurant and Old World Pizza.

Delios Italian Restaurant and Old World Pizza - Sierra Vista
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Sierra Vista, Arizona

Delios - The Best Italian restaurant in Sierra Vista
           Under New Ownership!
Full Menu Delivery 4PM-9PM

22 oz Draft Beer 
(Bud, Bud Light, Bitburger, Amber Boch)

3637 S. Hwy 92 
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 (520) 378-1066
Open Daily 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Welcome to Delio's
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Fresh and delicious is our promise!
Starting in December 2012, Melinda Faulkner began introducing her homemade family recipes and modern food concept to Delio's. One of Melinda's focus is on obtaining the finest ingredients. Delio's supports local growers and providers when possible and promises to continue to obtain as many of these local products as possible.

For those who have noticed the rather poor reviews on Yelp please consider the following. This restaurant has undergone many changes since Melinda bought the restaurant and made modifications in December 2012. Most of the online reviews are prior to these changes. However, she was contacted by Google on behalf of Yelp to "clean up" the Delios online profile for "around $300 per month." Melinda has refused and Yelp has continued to remove recent 4 and 5 star comments. A few regular guests have left multiple comments that have been removed after a day or so. One guest contacted Yelp and was told they(Yelp) would "look into it." You have to pay to maintain a desirable rating.

Search "Yelp scam" or something similar on your search engine for more information on how Yelp attempts to extort small business owners. This link below is just one of many that details this Yelp scam: